With each passing day, more and more advertisers and entrepreneurs are acknowledging and appreciatinginfluenced online marketing for their hotel, travel and tourism business.

Digital advertising has left almost no field untouched. The hotel and travel industry is one such field which can immensely benefit from various internet marketing tools as these can help in revenue generation, lead generation and can prove to be a significant driver of revenue for hotel. 

89% of global travelers consider online reviews important to booking

Internet Travel Booking has increased by 73% in the Last 5 Years

Almost 60% of Affluent Travelers Book Travel Plans Online

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It has lower biding for keywords as compared to other big search engines making it is easy for small to time entrepreneurs to invest here. The click through rate is almost equal to that of Google allowing one to reap similar benefits.

Enhance Your Hotel’s Online Presence

It is crucial to tap into the possibilities of enhanced local search, with the aim being to optimize content to create local profiles, manage directory listings and citations and presence across local search engines, IYPs, aggregators, business directories, travel guides and maps. Formulating location-based schemes, packages and activities is a great way of strengthening the local presence

Advertise Where Your Customers Stay Online

Campaigns enable you to demographically target customers based on their various attributes including their browsing patters and travel habits. Competition in the hotel industry is an important factor and a sure shot way of beating the others in competition is to reach the clients before they do and through various platforms. More so, the various offers and discounts available can be expatiated on through advertisements that serve to entice clients. The digital marketing team can partner with the various event management and travel and tourism agencies to efficiently advertise in front of the right customers.  Localizing the ads is another manner of targeting relevant people who stand a higher chance of converting to guests! It is important to make sure that your ad text displays information about any special discount that you might be running

Stay Connected Through Email Marketing

Including an email or newsletter to your website, wherein  the special events, discounts, promotions and stories will illustrate helps engage viewers and serves as an excellent tool for targeting clients, targeting as well as marketing. Promotion through imaginative messaging is one of the most convincing forms of content for email marketing.

Get Social To Your Customers

An increasing number of people are turning to social media and a baffling number of people religiously follow popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. A number of brands in the hotel industry are now finding their way to these platforms as advertising is all about brand making by displaying ads where you’re more likely to be noticed and appreciated. However, your mere presence on Social Media will not ensure a great conversion rate. It is important to post quality content and pictures and to actively respond to your followers’ requests which will strengthen the process of community building. Remember, social engagement is a two-way process!

Smart, Flexible and Expert Team

Our team is based out of the US and India, and work in multiple time zones to support you almost in real-time. Unlike other agencies who provide weekly automated reports and charges extra for any further analysis, we help you with any on-demand query. our team schedules weekly audio calls with you to understand your business aims and goals and give you desired results.